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Comex EP
Comex EPComex EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Dec 27, 2023

The seventh series of OLO Records by Miroloja and Janeret.

The seventh series of OLO Records by Miroloja and Janeret.

Available in 3 months

Dec 27, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The world keeps on turning... and we're at the same thing still.If it's not your first (R.B. record?) you know what you're in for... for the first timers; enjoy the ride.(malfunctioning-)machine tracks. sound at their best when played v loud!Note: as usual the disc features two exclusive cuts (not available on digital)Mastered By The Bastard
Priori and Al Wootton combine efforts on FLAW, a 4 track EP of psychedelic workouts combining maximal dance floor elevation and evocative world building.Intricate, shuffling percussion, bubbling, tweaking, acidic synthesizers and heady sound design come to the fore. The mood is heavy, yet propulsive. The burden of penitence and the desire to atone.On this tightly cohesive EP, both producers exert their unique styles and weight of production experience, while aptly channeling the strange grace in the mud of the world.
Somewhere between here and the cosmos there is an Astral Dance Party in the Celestial City...Bobby. is your host and this is the sound of that cosmic soiree. Space is the place <3
New The Hague based recordlabel Otherminds is landing with their first ever release ’Symbolic Language’, from local cosmox. From day one OTM witnessed his obsession for electronics. Manifested by throwing countless raves, playing otherworldly dj-sets, co-running an atomic studio bunker & label and making mind-bending music. Now it’s time for his solo vinyl debut. The 5-track EP is a blend between IDM, ambient and techno influenced pieces. A story which symbolizes a deeply shared connection and a transformative period in which the producer expands his palette further into the sonic realm. 
re:discovery records is proud to release for the first time, a vinyl edition of 'Two Zeroes' by Grain for it's 25th anniversary. Grain was a west coast project that emerged out of the psychedelic music and art scenes in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. After a few of their tracks were featured on the key chill out compilations United State of Ambience 1&2 and Excursions in Ambience and many local live performances, they released two ep's on local labels. Shortly after in 1998, 'Two Zeroes' the full length project appeared. A west coast chill out classic that unfortunately did not get much disribution outside the west coast let alone to the world. To classify this album is very hard. Think early Jammin Unit with a touch of the Orb and dash of west coast breakbeat and chill out styles and you still can't fully pin it down. A unique album that sonically, was leaps and bounds ahead of most albums in this style thanks to sound designer, audio instalation architect, scientist and artist Jimmy Johnson along with illustrator and fellow sonic artist Peter Ehrlich. Featured on double vinyl with updated artwork by the original designer, Kevin Hanley and presented on beautiful gatefold with a shimmering silver vinyl to match. This could be one of the discoveries of the year for those that have never heard this album. Dare to Dream with us.