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Rambal Cochet
Mixed Reality EP

Mixed Reality EP






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 27, 2023

A familiar face in space·lab’s catalogue, Rambal Cochet’s deep-diving new EP, Mixed Reality, marks the occasion of the label’s eighth release with four tracks traversing the darker edges of psy-prog. Opening track, ‘Talpa Lionis’, mines the spiralling depths of a psychedelic abyss, driven by a dark, tunnelling bassline reminiscent of mid-90s psy trance. Titular track, ‘Mixed Reality’, is tonally brighter. Brimming with buoyant, prog energy, its liquefied melody submerges the track’s percussion in a glowing, ambrosial fluid. On the B side, ‘Sequence 2000’ grows from the ground up. A rippling, cosmic-hued melody traces ever wider reaches, circling the track’s drums as they rise from deep below ground-level. Skittering high-ends flutter organically through the track’s length, lulling us into a state of all-enveloping hypnosis. To close, ‘Aura 900’ unfolds onto expansive, new-age atmospheres. Delicately sinking into a delectable, chugging pace, its patient speed creates a sense of spaciousness, leaving room for the track’s melody to breathe. Mixed Reality journeys through vast terrains - an EP for introspective listening and mind-opening dancefloor experiences alike. 

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Talpa Lionis


Mixed Reality


Sequence 2000


Aura 900

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