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Silverlining Dubs (XII)

Silverlining Dubs (XII)
Silverlining Dubs (XII)Silverlining Dubs (XII)




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 6, 2023

New Silverlining Dubs.

London's Silverlining returns to his solo-only home, Silverlining Dubs, for this two-tracker that sees him exploring previously unexplored sonic territories for him. ‘Comares’, written in the rolling hills of Andalusia, draws influences equally from the rhythms of UK breaks from the past decade, as it does the blissed-out melodies of early nineties halcyon rave. ‘Downtime’ heads straight for that centre right spot of the dancefloor, right in front of the booth, where the heads congregate. Its snappy 909 drums, heady bassline, tearing acid line, and cut-up vocals blend perfectly as one hearty underground broth. This is the first original release to be produced and mixed in Silverlining’s new Cabin Studio in South London. We'll spare you the list of names but this has had early support from some of the industry's finest!

Available Tomorrow

Jun 9, 2023

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