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Fnctrl - Recognize Control

Fnctrl - Recognize Control
Fnctrl - Recognize ControlFnctrl - Recognize Control








1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Aug 23, 2023

Berlin based OKMACH3 presents a divers and club-oriented sound.

Berlin based OKMACH3 presents a divers and club-oriented sound. The focus is on releases blending genre conventions and challenging listeners while keeping in mind that the night belongs to lovers and dancers alike. Our rst release is also the solo debut of fnctrl and encapsulates the spirit of OKMACH3 perfectly. His sound merges Electro inuences with a bass-driven four to the oor production and grooves ranging into Trance. It’s an atmospherically dense and dark Sci-Fi trip attended by an AI contemplating the nature of human interaction.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Recognize Control



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As we get ready to say goodbye to the Telomere Plastic series, we are excited to present Telomere 020.1, aka the first part out of 5. Each release will have four different artists, making it a compilation of twenty different artists who will deliver unique, juicy and eclectic frequencies that will keep your telomeres bopping for the rest of time!This first VA, features producers, ESB, Synaptic Voyager, Vinaya and Vonsuck.A1, Fancy Organ from Vinaya, is a sexy deep and house cut that is guaranteed to bring smiles all around the dance floor. Arpeggios and groovy bass lines galore. Prepare your piano hands because you will find yourself playing that sweet air organ on this one!A2, Self Destruct Sequence from Synaptic Voyager (aka Telomere 014’s Illuminators), is a very emotional cut. Originally released digitally on Frame Of Mind, we were overjoyed to be given the green light to put this beauty on wax. Deep pads, tommy drums, hints of IDM and techno, and soul striking arpeggios pave the way for a special sonic journey. Close your eyes and melt away with this one!B1, Keio Acid from ESB. We are always delighted to share more ESB with you. Elan’s love for analog and tape give off a raw and authentic energy that is hard to come by. This deep, jazzy and loopy cut will keep you on your toes from start to finish. We can only dream of being on the dance floor as this one plays out!B2, Unemati from Vonsuck, is a deep and dubby cut that beautifully blends the three genres dub techno, house and techno. Dark rooms and dark skies are recommend for this one here, even though we could see these frequencies accompanied by a pink and red sunrise bringing waves of energy and nostalgia to your soul. Its a real treat to have Vonsuck aka Galaktlan on the Telomere series!
Siamese Twins Records presents Temple Rat, known offstage as Mei Yuxin, and her highly anticipated debut EP, "The Composition of Air." This album signifies her first solo release with Siamese Twins, following her contribution to the Kāthā V.A. (ST-๐๐ห้า), which Higher Intelligence Agency later reworked on ST-๐๐๘. Each track gracefully transitions, creating a harmonious blend of ethereal haze yet grounded echogenic brushstrokes. Despite the otherworldly ambiance, the EP remains deeply rooted in an ancient mystique, which Mei has skillfully crafted.Hailing from Chengdu, Mei is a master of the traditional Chinese Erhu, a two-stringed folk instrument made of wood and snakeskin. The soulful resonance of this time-honored instrument intertwines with Mei's productions and live performances.The opening track, "Dreaming of Electric Sheep," immerses listeners in a dystopian sci-fi atmosphere, masterfully merging rustic ambiance with hissing field recordings and IDM-inspired elements. Hypnotic rhythms envelop and wash over meditative alchemy."Rooted in the Soil of Your Heritage" features a captivating collaboration with Portuguese vocalist Meta_, taking on a contemporary darkwave approach. This track spirals into the horizon, offering solace through interlacing oscillations, and perfectly illustrates Mei's ability to facilitate interethnic dialogue with her distinct and enthralling Erhu sound.The true story unfolds in the title track, "The Composition of Air," as Mei expertly employs organic synths to create absorbing arpeggios and sequences.The final piece, "东风," feels familiar and otherworldly, as drums pirouette beneath melodies that balance delicately, culminating in an intriguing and welcoming soundscape—the ideal conclusion to a captivating EP.
Tokyo based producer and City-2 St. Giga label owner DJ Trystero arrives on Incienso with his debut LP “Castillo”. Over nine tracks Trystero explores uniquely spontaneous modes of rhythm and sound - turning ambient, breakbeat, electro, techno and house into blurred sonics that expand on their own time.
In 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, Gene On Earth created his production masterclass “Nuggets: The Blueprint”. This is the fifth release of a collection of works submitted by students shortly after finishing the course. The class of 2022 overcame expectations and birthed a digital compilation and 5 vinyl releases to come out during 2023. Nug-Net will continue to be a home for music written by course students. To take the course, visit
Nonetheless come forward with another sound lecture in Intelligent Downtempo Music, this time with an EP consisting of four cuts well balanced in between the dancefloor and a high fidelity sound installation.