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Kurilo Komponente
Trance Pandemic EP

Trance Pandemic EP
Trance Pandemic EPTrance Pandemic EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Komponente & Kurilo combine on System Error.

Kharkiv born artists Komponente & Kurilo have been an integral part of the local scene in the past years both as DJs, Live-Act and Producers.

Now further apart since the beginning of the war they are still united in music and we are happy to finally share this EP with which was originally conceived when both artists were still Kharkiv based during the pandemic.

Kurilo has since made the journey to New York via Berlin in recent months. While Komponente took refuge in Kyiv for some time after having sat out most of the fighting in and around Kharkiv while lending a helping hand to families and elders who couldn't manage or didn't have the means to leave the city when Russia attacked.

At this point we are just happy and thankful to have both of them still with us and to be able to finally get this EP out which by now seems to have travelled from a past life to us in the here and now.

Pandemics or War this is Electronic Music charged with pure emotions produced during one crisis, released during the next and we will still dance to it during whatever comes next!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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