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Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 14, 2023



It’s time to wake up to 1morning if you haven’t yet. “Modus Operandi” is the perfect spot to hop on board. The been-up-and-rising techno producer and DJ based in Los Angeles has been jetset all over the US playing parties coast to coast, dropping releases like his cannonball of a self-released EP “TRANSITIONS”, an upcoming split EP with Céilí on Mála Ádh, and steady staying on the remix grind. His DJ sets are all-vinyl, in conversation with the adventurousness, hypnotic tunes, pro-blends-but-keeping-it-raw mixing style of US techno DJ greats Robert Armani, DJ Rush, Joey Beltram, etc. This is no-bullshit, no-business, all-thriller techno for the real ravers. Not a throwback, this is the continuation of Legacy. Turn up, hydrate up, stay up.

Available in 6 days

Sep 14, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Access Point


Signal Flow




Escape (Straykid's Weapon Remix)

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