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Various Artists
Music For The Radical Xenomaniac Vol. 3 (Hedonistic Highlights From The Lowlands 1990 - 1999)

Music For The Radical Xenomaniac Vol. 3 (Hedonistic Highlights From The Lowlands 1990 - 1999)






2x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 4, 2023




Through 35 tracks stretched across three volumes, Music For The Radical Xenomaniac delivers the first ever deep dive into The Netherlands’ colourful house sound of the 90s and the under-celebrated producers and record labels whose music soundtracked a countrywide cultural movement.

Available in 2 months

Oct 4, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Connection Machine - Echoes From Tau Ceti


Direct Movement - Natural Chemistry


Paradise 3001 - Surfin The Cuban Waves


Exquisite Corpse - Strange Attractor


Orlando Voorn - Still


NYX - Delphi (Rewaxed)


Stefan Robbers - Afridisiac (Jumpy Mix)


Fluxland - Fluxland


This Side Up - Glider


Georgio Schultz - Trance


Quazar - Cycle Drops (Two Words)


2000 And One - Crystal

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