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Creeping Plant EP

Creeping Plant EP






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 7, 2023

Fasme joins Craigie Knowes for a fantastical outing of acid-smiley conjuring synthesis, trance influenced sun-rays and sunset Sunday steppers. Creeping Plant climbs and attaches to all bases of the Fasme spectrum, with a foot-loose in every camp and crevasse. Expect thumping club euphorics and odes to nod your head to on the walk home.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Creeping Plant


Unlimited Fun




Snake Venom



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Vital Detroit label FIT Sound has put together its first compilation here, all with the aim of showcasing tracks from revered label artists Jared Wilson, Bizz O.D., and FIT Siegel. Wilson is now synonymous with wild acid workouts and 303 magic and he serves up more of it here on the mind-melting10 minute 'Mind Travel'. The lesser spotted veteran Bizz O.D. then brings some jack to her previously unreleased bomb 'One Two,' which was recorded in the mid-'90s but still sounds future. Last of all is the label head FIT Siegel with 'No Feedback,' a studio sampling exercise turned experimental broken beat techno workout with hypnotic effects. Here's hoping many more of these will follow.
The horses are out of the barn…and it’s time to trot. Introducing Mortar & Pestle: a union between two of Canada’s dance bandits at large. D. Tiffany & Maara come together to bring you pure delicious magic. These tracks are fresh out the skillet and piping hot on your plates. Dip us in maple syrup and throw us to the lezzies!What do you get when you stir the pot…or grind the pestle? Wet, bubbling, sticky, throbbing bangers that make you lose your mind. Two’s company, but three’s a party. Sweetheart Hannah Karpinski hops in with her provocative Polish vocals, ready to ignite the freak fire and desire in this world and beyond. Unhinged, raw, and chaotic, burning the whole barn down. Enjoy this 4-track offering of hypnotic indulgence. Mortar & Pestle: Pound or be Pounded? Whatever you fancy, you’re in for a treat.
Digging Deeper Music goes back again with another of Maurizio Verbeni's aliases, this time with Vex N'Voice, originally released in 1995. Four tracks ready to destroy every dancefloor! Limited press, as always. Don't sleep on this.
L+P-2 is Rivet's second album following his acclaimed debut, On Feather and Wire, released on Editions Mego in 2020. The wheels were already in motion for a subsequent album on the same label, but tragedy struck. Peter "Pita" Rehberg, the legendary owner of Editions Mego, suddenly passed away at only 53 years old, leaving the experimental electronic music community in a state of pitch-black grief. Rivet was among the many deeply affected by this loss. The inspiration and support from Rehberg had propelled Rivet to create at a level he himself was uncertain he had mastered. For Rivet, Rehberg's death felt like the death of music.However, that brooding sentiment was abruptly shattered when Rivet's beloved dog and companion, Lilo, was diagnosed with incurable cancer just a couple of months later. They were inseparable, and now they would be separated nonetheless. The only way Rivet could cope with this double blow was to compose—for Lilo, for Pita, for his own sanity. L+P-2 is the result.While the album naturally emerges from a place of despair, it's remarkably comforting. Partly, this stems from Rivet's singular ability to make machines not only sound human but also act human—sincere and warm, yet flawed. In more than one track on L+P-2, you'll encounter a distinctive melody and a gnarly bassline dancing hand in hand with Rivet's eccentric and captivating drum patterns. Then, seemingly on a whim, the melody takes off on its own, leaving the faithful bassline behind—much like a dear friend that suddenly vanishes from your life without warning. Yet life goes on, and so does the music. But never unchanged. Never.L+P-2 is an album of lamentation, yet also of resolve—a dedication to those who go through life losing more than their share because they always carry too much.
The collective mind of SIKU returns with its fourth outing of club-igniting material.
Beta Librae returns to Incienso with her third album, “DAYSTAR”. Whereas her previous album for the label, “Sanguine Bond” was an altogether more heady affair - “DAYSTAR”, like the name implies, is a bright and bold waypoint in the ever expanding Beta Librae universe.On eight songs, including a striking collaboration with james K on the lead single “Late At Night”, Beta gathers up new elements of sound and pairs them her unmistakable rhythmic shapes to bring us the most wide-ranging and cohesive B.L. album yet.