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Alien Signal
Circularity EP

Circularity EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 7, 2023

Alex Silvi also known as Alien Signal is an Italian composer who profoundly tasted the creation and evolution of electronic dance music. He grew his music interest during the late 80s in Belgium under the strong ascendancy of key venues such as La Rocca, Boccaccio, and Fuse. Consequently moving to Rome in the early 90s where the techno scene was flourishing. In 1992 released on Upland Recordings, managed by S.Paganelli author of Defcon 5 And Altitude, the album "Alien Signal" - "The Search Begins" including the track called "Atomic", which very soon became one of the anthems for the Roman techno hood of that time. Superluminal Recordings is honored to guide you through trance-progressive themes of evangelical nostalgia. "Circularity" induces inner meditation due to melancholic strings and slow-descending ethereal scenarios, fresh-tasting melodies blended into soft-decaying instrumental charm. All compositions have been re-collected from an early 90s Alien Signal archive.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Conflict 2112-12 By Andreas Leifelt - Move (12")Re-mastered Re-issue From 1998.