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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 1, 2023

Tbilisi based label Domain Records launch new, only vinyl series! Cobert, label’s dear friend and one of the best in game returns on Domain Records with his solo EP. Finally, we are happy to share 5 tracks that are perfect definition of “Mind and dancefloor music”. Dedicated to the childhood idol...

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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One Of The Last


Every End Is Beginning

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Mausimental is the band of longtime friends Leonard Siegl, Conrad Neumann and Niklas Maranca - "Schonzeit" the title of their first release. It was formed in a sculptor's studio and recorded in their own studio St. Gabriel in Halle an der Saale. The tracks were Co-produced, mixed and mastered by longtime Kame House-mainstay Sam Irl in Vienna. The results are oracular synthpop ballads with electronic sound gimmicks and puzzling, dadaistic lyrics. The melancholic atmosphere of the EP is formed by a dense mesh of modulated synth sequences, which are overlaid by polyphonic vocals. Sometimes in form of detached Sprechgesang in NDW tradition, sometimes sinister and sensual. Inner monologues draw lines around the contradictions of identities and the fragility of a postmodern constructions of meaning: „Lebst du nicht, dann musst du auch nicht sterben. Du wirst nicht vermisst. Dieses Trauma kannst Du noch vererben, wenn es soweit ist."With their debut release "Schonzeit" Mausimental show us the way into an inaccessible future.
Conundrum EP, a self-constructed puzzle, bringing together various conceptual elements. Going from detailed drum programming to live recorded synth-arp ambiences, Marijn S showcases the many colors of her being and spirit translated into sound. Breakbeat, percussions, strength and focus but with some personal outlandish choices on the A side, followed by flowy-ness and playfulness, choices of musical elements lead by emotion on the B side.
For its second release of 2023, Marginal Returns presents its most anticipated - and largest - output to date. Levat is a decade-plus friend of the label, and like us, has always believed that good things come to those who wait. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing his musical career come in full blossom, with an all hardware, fully bespoke live set that is still the talk of each and every town it has visited.Live Cutz collects some favourites from the first couple of years of live performances: an all bases covered selection of functional club music providing every angle of “our” groove. From side A’s tougher, peaky moments, the mood switches directly to B1’s technicolour explosion ‘Vai’ and the introspective, grooving B2 ‘M-City’. C1’s ‘Re-Merge’ is a contemporary reimagining of electroclash. C2, ‘BL9’, is a collaboration with the infamous Bruno Schmidt - resulting in a textured, heads-down, tracky roller. Side D strikes a more pensive note, with the acidic infinity of ‘Ice’ and melancholically melodic sign off ’Luv 22’.
buen clima is the solo project of producer, composer and DJ Felipe Castro (Santiago, 1993). Under that alias, he makes a sometimes clean, sometimes dirty mix of techno, house and electro, among other styles, with a soft spot for high BPMs, big, glossy pad sounds and interlocking rhythms. With a background in classical music and free improvisation, his productions and live performances often bring into them unexpected moments of noise, unusual influences and, above all, humour.« This EP is comprised of five tracks written between 2020 and 2022, and it's got quite a bit of contrast among them, as well as some common threads. Some are gritty and noisy, some are a bit more amiable. However, they all show signs of recurring obsessions with certain rhythms, certain synth sounds, and share a sense of fun and humour. Each is an exploration of different production and synthesis techniques.Big Butibit Chess Master Pro v.3.5 is on the lighter side, with some big warm pads and jazzy drum sound. It's kind of a sunny ghettotech cut, if that makes any sense. The synth part has a spontaneous feel, it was recorded pretty much in one take>:) Is a heavier club track, made to go a little evil, a little mischievous. It's full of squelchy sounds and has a drum part that sounds like a never ending Street Fighter combo, or a bunch of beer bottles being opened one after the other. Forma/Contenido is also on the darker side, with a droning, oppressive mass of sound that accumulates and evolves all throughout the track. It's very much inspired by the piece "I am sitting in a room" by Alvin Lucier, and is, in fact, a sort of live version of the same premise, a long feedback loop of the voice and the beat recorded and played in the studio.Arturito is how we call R2D2 in Latin America (or at least in Chile), and it's also my father's name. We both love the original Star Wars and this is a little tribute to that. I had a lot of fun making this track, using only Ableton's Operator synth to make 90% of the sounds. It's a bouncy, evolving electro cut with a lot of quirky bleeps and bloops.Pequeña midi is definitely the heart of the EP, a slower track made for my cat, who's sitting in my lap as I'm writing this. The rhythms and the sounds are a musical representation of how I imagine her life is like, and of her little games, running around the house. In terms of style I feel like this is what it would sound like if Yellow Magic Orchestra did a slowed down footwork track (play it at 160 BPM if you don't believe me!). » 
Next Normandy by labelboss himself !! Guuunnteeer