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Match Box
Vantage Point EP (w/ Bliss Inc. Remix)

Vantage Point EP (w/ Bliss Inc. Remix)


Match Box






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 8, 2023

Rave Purveyors Match Box venture into the physical disc world with London record label GODDEZZ on their first joint vinyl collaboration ‘VANTAGE POINT’.

Rave Purveyors Match Box venture into the physical disc world with London record label GODDEZZ on their first joint vinyl collaboration ‘VANTAGE POINT’.

Here they present four sublime cuts of trance-futurism, bejeweled with the most uplifting melodies, hypnotizing vocals, and driving grooves crafted to take you through the portal. The Dutch duo are at the top of their game, presenting a polished and accomplished EP of pure dance movement from start to finish, not to mention a mind-melting remix from the enigmatic legend Bliss Inc.

Having had early support from Job Jobse featuring the track Quantum Transients in his exalted BBC Essential Mix last year, the hype train hasn’t stopped… with big support coming in from disc spinners such as Maruwa, Spray, Aloka, Reflex Blue, LUXE and Manami.

Those who purchase the eternal disc will also receive exclusive access to secret Angel D’lite, Eoin DJ & Dylan Forbes remixes of Match Box’s divine jungle offering earlier this year Cyber Sunshine, as well as downloads of the duo’s complete GODDEZZ back catalog.

Available in 2 months

Sep 8, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Midnight ft. Elif Murat


Nocturnal Synergy


Midnight (Bliss Inc. Remix)


Quantum Transients

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