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Various Artists
Lodestar Express

Lodestar Express




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 6, 2023

Pluto’s Plan is back with another carefully selected four-tracker EP.

Pluto’s Plan is back with another carefully selected four-tracker EP, featuring Man/ipulate, Marcos Coya, Existencia Pasajera & Mati F, and Lorenzo Slider. Hard-hitting grooves and pure nostalgia guaranteed.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Man/ipulate - The Gain


Marcos Coya - Street Life


Existencia Pasajera & Mati F - Paraiso Island


Lorenzo Slider - Blu Moon Dance (Trench Coat Mix)

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Producer, DJ, and Vancouver Saint-Of-Techno Jodie Overland conjures a storm on her Garmo debut. Inspired by the namesake oceanic phenomenon, King Tide is a relentless, visceral smattering of hi-tech bass crossovers designed for maximum impact.
Paris-based producer and DJ, Drux, returns to his own Cabale Records this May with his Replicant EP, featuringtwo originals solo cuts, one collaboration with label co-founder Albin Renard plus a remix from Vienna’s PaulWalter.Recent years have seen Paris based DJ and producer Vincent Drux, simply known by his last name, unveil acollaborative album alongside Jacques Bon on the esteemed Smallville Records, a collaborative track with Bonon Lawrence and Carsten Jost’s much loved Dial imprint, a remix on Tiga’s Turbo and of course Cabale Recordswhere he returns here following the 2021 launch with the ‘Transe’ EP.Drux – Replicant EP (Incl. Paul Walter Remix)‘Pancouff’ opens the EP and sees Drux lay down metallic percussion, swaying low-end tones and crisp hatsalongside murky, unfurling atmospherics, hypnotic choir like chants and twitchy synths throughout. ‘Faire unflot’ follows and weaves together a snaking sub bass groove with shuffled, organic drums, glitched out synthsand billowing textures.Title-cut and Albin Renard collab ‘Replicant’ opens the flip side, stripping things back to snappy woodenpercussion, hypnotising spoken word vocals, ethereal synth swells and a fluttering low-end drive. Vienna’s PaulWalter then rounds out the EP with his ‘my Stellababy Remix’, extracting the core vibe of the original whilestamping his unique mark on things via oscillating drums, choppy vocal cuts and sweeping, airy tonesthroughout.
Autokinetic’s techno roots reach back to 1993 when Mike McClure and John Golden formed Auto K in Minneapolis, forming the vibrant MPLS rave scene alongside Freddy Fresh, Woody McBride, and DVS1. Auto K then changed their name to Auto Kinetic, and now Mike McClure is ripping hypnotic modular techno in hyperspace solo as Autokinetic. These tracks have been secret weapons in DVS1 sets for the past couple years. “great stuff as always” - Decoder“Very cool” - Justin Cudmore“It bangs!” - CMD“Really good” - 2Lanes“Great release!” - PlayPlay“Sounds great!!” - Golden Medusa“Big blend potential with these trax!” - Escaflowne
The A side consists of “Sidewinder” and the cheekily titled “Didgeradont”. Both of these are bonafide heady techno hits. I mean, the production on these…higher consciousness inducing dancefloor rolling mania. For the old ears and fresh feet alike. The B side opens up with “File003”, which has a robotic restraint and up-beat bassline to keep you locked in for the never ending tunnel ride of a track. “Wakeword” ends the EP with a proper, slightly acidic challenger to meet all late night crowds with taste. But no chin scratching here. This is techno at its tastiest. Mike is a pro who knows how to kick and punch with full peak euphoric power. He’s been in the game for three decades at this point, and is still pushing his craft and himself to new heights. 300 copies pressed worldwide. Not to be missed out on.Produced and performed by Mike McClure in MPLS, MN USAMastered by Dietrich Schoenemann. Design by Nick Owen. Distributed by One Eye Witness.
It is with honour & pleasure that we present to you the return of one of the finest in game! Active since god-knows-when, and equally known as artist, label owner, event promoter and all-round champion of all that’s right and proper,Semtek has cast a long shadow in the electronic underground over the past two decades. RAD-SEM1 is two tracks of ice-cold club cuts that capture the chilly futurism of second wave Detroit Techno, the sparser fringes of UKG and the abyssal soundscapes of late 90s DnB.
The first solo excursion on Half Grand Records comes from label boss, Jon Doppler. Clocking in at 37 minutes, this collection plays more like a mini album than a 12”. The Artifact is full of the cavernous electro vibes that Doppler hinted at on the previously released compilations from the label. And if this record is an Artifact, it belongs at the bottom of the Mariana Trench with its alien percussion and deep, fluid bass.It’s hard to pick a favorite as any one of these tracks would add atmosphere and color to a set. “Sapphire” sounds like it would perfectly underscore the discovery of an ancient Atlantean civilization. While Tar Like Gold’s driving, arpeggiated basslines and vocal samples “tomorrow holds the key” look to the future. Take a listen and see for yourself, there’s a lot to love on this one. For fans of Morphology, CPU records, Versalife