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Long Vehicle




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Aug 2, 2023

Keep the driveway sticky with this hot on-demand delivery by Snad. Three dubby, techy and playful tracks, that sound great under the needle and any car stereo.

Keep the driveway sticky with this hot on-demand delivery by Snad. Three dubby, techy and playful tracks, that sound great under the needle and any car stereo.

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Sleeve: M


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Dark Horse

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LP edition of 220 in printed sleeve w/ download code."Obsessive tekno/grime experiment from London's lostdomain producer Leeway following the great great Krevet EP. Very compatible with ~160 BPM hardtek/trance. Grainy desaturated claustrophobic sound progressing to full, crisp and dreamy with alien salival textures...Whole album varies on two or three circling themes. Super zoney and subdued and spiritual but then jumps right out of the speakers with violence." - STRESS zine
Germany's DJ bwin returns to First Second Label with a sub heavy offering of experimentational dubstep, bass, techno and trap for the dark smoke filled room in your brain. Moritz Paul aka Leibniz and Alex Hoppe aka CIO known for their label Hundert (alongside Felix Paul) has seen them pushing the boundaries of these sounds and Cell Phone pushes their sound even further with 3 tracks that would give any system a heavy workout. Accompanied by a blissed out vibration filled remix from Berlin residing Cork born power house ELLLL this puts the icing on the cake for this already wobble heavy 12". The artwork, a combination of photography, paint and textiles is an extract from a cloth print by Irish artist and designer Shauna McGowan.
For their first release, London label Moonworks are reissuing two highly sought-after UK house bombs from Carlos Baker aka Serpico to mark the 30th anniversary of its original 1993 release.'Just Can't Stop' is a record which fell through the cracks, deemed not commercially viable enough by the major label that Serpico was signed to at the time. Determined to get the music out there, Baker decided to self-release a limited run of blue labelled vinyl. Several big independent labels of the '90s were subsequently interested in putting out the tracks, however it never came to fruition.Over 30 years this record has aged gracefully, inspiring generations of diggers with its quirky euphoric feel, weighty low-end and intoxicating synthwork becoming a prized possession for some of the biggest names on the scene, with original copies trading hands for £100+. Whether you draw for the ecstasy-inducing Incantation Mix or the acid-infused Orca Space Dub, there’s no denying this is a timeless masterpiece from the UK underground.Moonworks have worked closely with Serpico to bring this gem back down to earth, restoring the tracks from the original DAT tapes at Gat Decor’s studio, remastering them to modern standards and finally giving this music the official release it deserves.