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Baraka (Remixes Part 2)

Baraka (Remixes Part 2)








1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 14, 2023

French electronic duo Baraka asked 7 artists they love to add their touch to their first self-titled EP. Big thank you to Blu:sh, Desire, Glen S, Mabel, Spray, Vel & Von Riu for their vision, talent and passion.

Available in 2 months

Jul 14, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Baraka - World of Content (Spray Remix)


Baraka - Queen (Blu:sh Remix)


Baraka - Insomnia (Mabel Remix)


Baraka - Final Fantasy (Von Riu Remix)

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Landing on Delsin with a highly developed strain of emotionally inquisitive electro, Reedale Rise presents a new four-track EP which builds on his growing reputation for beautifully rendered headphone escapism. Since first appearing in 2015, Liverpool-based Simon Keat has released on such respected outlets as Frustrated Funk and 20:20 Vision, while last year he released This Beautiful Life, an LP for Assemble Music. From the twinkling melodic mystery of 'Littoral Zone' to the playful synth flourishes of 'Globular', 'Driftwood's plush, expressive layered lines to 'Artemia's deep-diving introspection, this latest release confirms Keat as a leader in the field of contemporary electro, delivering tracks with pristine production but crucially placing feeling as the priority ahead of the considerable technical finesse.
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Zeta Reticula makes his Censor debut with Star’s Wobble EP. The A side starts with the EP title track with rushing leads, arps and a distinct energy that ZR is known for, all held together with electronic clangs and atmospheres adding tension to the mix.Next is Planet’s surface which has a murkier and tougher sound, jumping between broken beats and 4/4 electro territory in sections that creates a twisting, turning wormhole straight to the galaxy from which it was made. Unaided Eye is the final track of the A with a deeper and more drum focused mix intertwined with tripped out pads and fx.On the flip, Sync 24 & Alex Jann take care of the title track remix adding a rushing bass, claustrophobic edits, builds and impacts that the pair are known for respectively. Francois Dillinger brings the B-Side to a close with a sparse stripped back electro sound adding almost a down-tempo alternative to Zeta Reticula’s original.This is Censor’s 5th vinyl release following on from London Modular Alliance, Assembler Code and Alex Jann.Mastered by Alden TyrellAll tracks Uroš UmekRemix P by Sync 24 & Alex Jann (Star’s Wobble Remix) // Francois Dillinger (Planet’s Surface Remix)