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A2iCE & BO3
Extracted Soil

Extracted Soil
Extracted SoilExtracted Soil






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 19, 2023

Multidisciplinary artists Lex Rütten and Jana Kerima Stolzer alias A2iCE & BO3 are the faces behind Paryìa records’ fourth release.

Multidisciplinary artists Lex Rütten and Jana Kerima Stolzer alias A2iCE & BO3 are the faces behind Paryìa records’ fourth release – further manifesting Paryìa's role as a genre-bending entity while also expanding the artist’s respective portfolio. The debut EP Extracted Soil unites four enthralling tracks with broken beats and evocative percussions as the common denominator, including a remix by Mor Elian. With this release Paryìa brings together sound, art and physical elements, conceptually working around the artist's exhibitions, combining different formats and creating space to break out of conventions and experiment freely.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Pacific Nickel


Mineral Tresaure


A Rubbles Lament


Pacific Nickel (Mor Elian Remix)

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Mausimental is the band of longtime friends Leonard Siegl, Conrad Neumann and Niklas Maranca - "Schonzeit" the title of their first release. It was formed in a sculptor's studio and recorded in their own studio St. Gabriel in Halle an der Saale. The tracks were Co-produced, mixed and mastered by longtime Kame House-mainstay Sam Irl in Vienna. The results are oracular synthpop ballads with electronic sound gimmicks and puzzling, dadaistic lyrics. The melancholic atmosphere of the EP is formed by a dense mesh of modulated synth sequences, which are overlaid by polyphonic vocals. Sometimes in form of detached Sprechgesang in NDW tradition, sometimes sinister and sensual. Inner monologues draw lines around the contradictions of identities and the fragility of a postmodern constructions of meaning: „Lebst du nicht, dann musst du auch nicht sterben. Du wirst nicht vermisst. Dieses Trauma kannst Du noch vererben, wenn es soweit ist."With their debut release "Schonzeit" Mausimental show us the way into an inaccessible future.