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Various Artists
Sacred Interface 001

Sacred Interface 001
Sacred Interface 001Sacred Interface 001


Various Artists


Sacred Interface




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

May 16, 2023



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Peachlyfe - This Morning


Vixen - Alkaline Daydream


Lund & Rønde - Deep Sleep


Schacke - Confused By What Is Real

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Aniara mainstay Arkajo showcases his versatility with three deep and driving cuts for Aniara29. First out is the intergalactic house transmission "Sagan" with it's rubberized bassline sending the message through. Ruggedly atmospheric tech-house groover "Mostly Harmless" follows up on the flip. The elegance of "Finally, I'm In Orbit", which has been rotating around booths worldwide for some years, rounds out the record in atmospheric bliss.
A thirst for all things alien encompasses the philosophy behind Sex Tapes From Mars - a brand-new vinyl-only imprint demanding humans to take them to their leader. So, two questions: who’s helming the record stores, and what message are they trying to deliver? For their inaugural release, the label beams down a VA from three impeccable rising stars intent on supplying some much-needed freakishness to Earth.Nemo Vachez sets the bearings for outer space with ‘Overload (Interstellar Rave Mix)’ – a sulking electro and acid intro that rambles with all the madness of a spaceship determined to veer off-course. It’s imaginatively paced, with scorning breakdowns and a lethal sense of some threat sitting on the horizon.Muelsa loads up a biological weapon of warfare with ‘A Message’, aptly named largely for its ruthless electro lines and a drawling voice asking for the answer to an age-old dilemma: “Please tell me it’s aliens? Maybe they’ve got rhythm too”.The signal glitches to Hubz for the close. ‘Fly By The Comets’ reverberates with great waves of synths before lunging into the first of two menacing drops, riffing and warring against some unseen force before exterminating the target.Wherever this UFO’s destination is set, all eyes are clearly watching. Sex Tapes From Mars delivers emotionally ambiguous cinematics for the dancefloor, so space helmets on and buckle in for the ride – the thrill is what makes it fun.
Featuring ten mind-melting tracks 'hyphae' is RAMZi's latest sonic quest and is based around sketches she originally made as a score for a documentary about mushrooms called 'Fun Fungi' (directed by Frederic Lavoie).Recorded between November 2021 and May 2022, writing 'hyphea' began as an attempt to transcend boredom and frustrations imposed by severe restrictions during the pandemic. For Phoebé the album was a way to reconnect with her alter ego RAMZi; who's energy brought her back to uniquely mystical feelings and hope for future magical adventures.RAMZi is a uniquely wild spirit from the forest and refers to a parallel autonomous world that keeps evolving. In Phoebé's own words: "The music remains as a doorway to that world. It has never been about me, I always see that entity bigger than myself. The process of writing 'hyphea' was rather intuitive. I don't think about styles of music before producing tracks. Those are more like an adventure in itself, each one set in a different ecosystem."Artwork by Marinka Grondel.
Up next on Pleasure Club we have the debut EP from label owner Bobby. Intergalactic, interdimensional compositions which, if given the chance, could provide suitable soundtracks to a space race. Fusing the sounds of techno, breaks and classic tech-house, all three tracks are primed and ready for dance-floor detonation. May the source be with you...
Low Flung is the long-standing solo project of Sydney based artist Danny Wild. Following their debut LP “Blow Waves” in 2018 we now see Wild’s return to physical for his second full length studio album on Paper-Cuts. Featuring 9 selected works further sketching out the private spaces of various tape explorations and live performances between 2018-2020.