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Papa Nugs
It Came From The West EP

It Came From The West EP
It Came From The West EPIt Came From The West EP


Papa Nugs




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Mar 27, 2023

Papa Nugs joins the Space Dust cohort with the 5 tracker “ It Came From The West” transcending various styles and shades of sound.

Papa Nugs joins the Space Dust cohort with the 5 tracker “ It Came From The West” transcending various styles and shades of sound. With a more tripped out take on a traditional jacking pallette, the title track kicks off proceedings with a propulsive drumbeat and rumbling bassline providing the perfect bedrock for the acidic squelches above. “Brooklyn Duck” continues the US-indebted styles adding an earworm vocal to the mix.

On the flip a barrage of drums and glassy oscillations form “Be Anew” with the relentless programming carrying through “Knobbly Knees” taking us firmly into electro territory with robotic vocals and a mechanic drum pattern that shows no sign of waning . Closer “Groove Nxt” sees out the EP in energetic fashion with well tuned snares trading blows with crystalline synth work.

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Sleeve: M


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It Came From The West


Brooklyn Duck


Be Anew


Knobbly Knees


Groove Nxt

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