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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 14, 2023

Next Normandy by labelboss himself !! Guuunnteeer

Next Normandy by labelboss himself !! Guuunnteeer

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Omaha Beach


Mental Reset




Café Chéri

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The second in a series of self-released Liquid Earth Physical Records, “The Breakdown” is a front flip into curbside clubbing.The Aside offers two impeccably tight mixes of the 12” title tune, both providing different licks of pleasure for the casual clubber. “Charms Of Gaia” is forward leaning, equipped with big room, big energy type vocal breaks. “Trips & Skips” is an ode to the stripped down wigglyness of one of UK Tech House’s greatest, Nathan Coles - a clear influence of Mr. Earths.From here, we are sat next to the two black sheep of the 12” on what seems like the most pleasurable road trip of a record. B1 being the beefed-out break tune titled “The Closer” and B2 the straight and narrow slammings of “Cobblestone Stomper,” a track surely given its holy legs by the OG Jerusalem Cruiser.What you won’t find on this record is senseless filler, instead, you’ll surely be pumping your face with the permanent botox that is Liquid Earth. Now let’s see that smile!
Formidable UK artist Harrison BDP is next up for our highly anticipated second release on E&X.Over the last few years Harrison has released on mostly every notable record label around building a prolific and much sought after discography in the process.His “Far Away EP” covers a little of everything musically from throbbing modern progressive house tones right through to crisp atmospheric breakbeats and even a touch of the balearic.Joining Harrison on the record we have invited Italian maestro Alex Neri for remix duties, with over thirty plus years as a DJ & producer Alex is synonymous for his sophisticated classics penning many early 90’s house hits as well recently finding fresh success on reputable imprints such as Slow Life and his own Wildflower records, we are absolutely delighted to welcome such a legendary figure to the label with his unique style & sound. I’m sure you will agree we have brought together two titans of the electronic music scene on this record and it does not disappoint.
Almost halfway through 2023, Voitax returns with a bass heavyweight of the highest order.Marc alias Tymotica has been showcasing his musical ambitions not only as a founding member of the Munich-based label »Ruffhouse«, but also through his sonic ventures as a DJ and producer. Luca, on the other hand, an equally ambitious DJ and producer going by the name of DJ Ion, has his roots in hip-hop, jazz, and 90s techno. His debut on Don Williams’ a.r.t.less imprint proves that adequately. Their fusion turned out to be quite fruitful, as shown by their diverse yet well-centred record »Anthea« on Club Qu.With »Bionic Gradient«, their promising collaboration enters another chapter, a representation of their precise curation of musical components, as well as an impressive design of their sounds. This progressive bass EP features dubstep-, grime-, trap-, and hip- hop influences, nuanced with dub and IDM. Through each track, the duo links crispy polyrhythms with well-chosen samples that perfectly complement the contemporary, high defined sound. Catchy leads, long reverb tails, metallic soundscapes, and detailed drum programming are carefully fused with the underlying warm bass body. All this comes down to an astonishingly eclectic bass EP that is built to be dropped on the dance floor, yet invites you to dive into an abstract and dreamy world on its own.As both are continuously working on new material, we are more than excited about what is to come!
Known for their highly sought after two releases on the mysterious Fine Tuna Recording label, the UK trio is back with 4 previously unreleased tracks from the golden era. The EP oscillates between the house and the progressive sound from the UK of the mid 90's. We wonder how these cuts stayed unreleased for this long...
For the 5th release Future Tones release a Jorge Gamarra EP and his new alias Ecstatic. The co owner of SUR released at some various labels before like Eya, Sur or Part of the gang.
After a 3-year hiatus, Noerk is back with a spacey acidic three tracker plus a rolling peaktime remix from our good friend and really talented producer Lee Burton. Untitled_02 is an electrified, deep yet funky tribute to Vangelis (as we perceive it) with lush synthesizers and grooving 303s. Pending forties is reminding us of the 90s era when sample based breakbeat and acid realised they were made for each other like peanut butter and jelly. It's Over (original mix), on the other hand, follows a more straightforward 4 on the floor loop and lets the jazzy chords and the intergalactic melodies do all the work. Lee Burton's remix wraps up the EP nicely offering us a certified banger with 90s house elements that can destroy any dancefloor. We have entered the wormhole. Time and space are no longer relevant. Only feelings.