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Various Artists
Biscuit Three

Biscuit Three
Biscuit ThreeBiscuit Three




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Apr 3, 2023



New Late Night Superglue.

Late Night Superglue present the third edition of their Biscuit series with a collection of hard-hitting, transcontinental jams from the minds of Buraye, Yard Customer, Tonnovelle, JJ Fortune and Louis Frederic.

The EP brings together artists from across the globe - Colombia, Ireland, Tehran and London - connected by a taste for a particular haunting sound. A long time in the making, the label has been working to gather music from this group of artists for a number of years, a journey which for some included time on the front line together at dancefloors in Barcelona and London along the way.

The A-side kicks off with Buraye’s ‘Wireless Dialogue’. A brooding piece of techno from Colombia, characterised by its punchy kicks, haunting synths and subtle acid twists, which perfectly set the tone for the rest of the EP. The A2, ‘Contraflow’, is brought to you by Yard Customer. Hip-hop samples and shuffling drums lead a track which has an overarching air of menace - big tip!

Tonnovelle’s ‘Bliss’ opens the flip with a bang. A rip-roaring affair utilising vintage percussion juxtaposed with futuristic stabs to continue Biscuit Three’s muscular motif. ‘Fern’ by JJ Fortune & Louis Frederic wraps up the 4-tracker with more peak time spooky grooves...

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Buraye – Wireless Dialogue


Yard Customer - Contraflow


Tonnovelle - Bliss


JJ Fortune & Louis Frederic - Fern

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