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Various Artists
Cold Flower (full bloom) EP

Cold Flower (full bloom) EP
Cold Flower (full bloom) EPCold Flower (full bloom) EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Dec 7, 2022

"Cold Flower (full bloom) EP" is our first Release.

"Cold Flower (full bloom) EP" is our first Release and an exploration of different types of blooming flowers interpreted via hazy and lush sounds, subtle touches of dreamy house music in contrast to fast-paced highs, melodic trance sounds, and warm basses.

Melbourne-based artist Cris P kicks off the 30-minute journey with “Cold Flower”. The dominant lower frequencies in combination with the harmonized highs of this track, aim to take you right into the calming yet intense atmosphere of sweet-scenting cherry blossoms.

Rosario continues with “Stigma flap”, a remix of Cold Flower in which he remains true to the tracks vocals but adds an exciting layer by continuously switching between dimmed down, softer elements and bass-heavy, stronger moments.
Finalizing the record’s A-side, Ouxh brings up the speed in his track Aomori, named after the snowy yet green city in the far north of Japan. The precise drum programming and bubbling synths are at the core of this timeless piece.

With “High and dry” Berlin’s Ed Herbst starts straight into a mess of striped-down heads on the b side. He plays with subtle pads, vibrating from left to right, just before bringing in the baseline, tipping the record off into a more dancefloor-able direction.

Ed continues with a second track, which is characterized by a warm and punchy kick and powerful bass, finishing of the EP with a lush and flowing groove, reminding us of a jungle full of vibrant, violet pattels.

Available in a month

Dec 7, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Cris. P - Cold Flower


Rosario - Cold Flower (Stigma Flap Remix)


Ouxh - Aomori


Ed Herbst - High and Dry


Ed Herbst - Between the Bars

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