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Human Beings
The Matrix

The Matrix




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 30, 2022

Back in the nineties, Human Beings were pioneers in the Dutch techno scene.

Back in the nineties, Human Beings were pioneers in the Dutch techno scene. And The Matrix may well be their finest moment. SoHaSo gives this stone-cold classic the re-release it deserves, together with a magical Plaid-remix and a forgotten track, straight from DAT. Together with Quazar and Fierce Ruling Diva, Utrecht-based duo Human Beings were among the very first brave enough to go live, back in 1992. Dance music was still called house or techno. Other flavors only came later. Both Allert Aalders and Bert van der Grift were proper nerds. Their studio was filled to the brims with vintage synthesizers and drum computers and all machines were constantly challenged. Van der Grift sadly passed away in 2005 after a sudden cerebral haemorrhage, marking the abrupt end of Human Beings. The Matrix ticks all the boxes of a proper Human Beings-tune: crystal clear melodies sweeping from corner to corner, ultra-clever drum programming and a main theme that knocks your socks right off. In the energetic live version, they have shaped the track to perfection. A secret weapon that works wonders on dancefloors, even 30 years later. London duo Plaid strip The Matrix to its bare essentials, focusing on the main melody while giving the kick a bit more oomph in a Plaid kinda way. Ghost in the Shell is exactly that. A forgotten off-beat track, made during one of those many sessions in Bert's crampy studio. Its murky downtempo rhythms take a nod to both Meat Beat Manifesto and Renegade Sound Wave. Ah, those golden days....

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The Matrix (Live Version)


Ghost In The Shell


The Matrix (Plaid Remix)


The Matrix

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