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Melodyne EP

Melodyne EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 30, 2022

Michelle debut on Cabaret Recordings.

Michelle debut on Cabaret Recordings.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Fake Trance


My Sweet Universe

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Outer Order presents his debut EP on his own imprint with a journey through his sonic vision with 5 tracks that suit different moments on or off the dancefloor.Heavily inspired by late 80s and early 90s UK, Detroit and Chicago productions that were brought to his knowledge by his father, Outer Order set out to recreate his own view on this era by indulging in the hardware and techniques used at the time, setting a timeless tone to this 5 track EP.Recorded, produced and mixed by Reece Ashibende-Dunn aka Outer Order at his home studio in Mallorca, Spain.Mastered by Marco Pellegrino at Analogcut.Artwork by Todd Gartland.
Altered Circuits' next release comes by way of Bologna-to-Berlin transplant Jacopo Latini. On the Motherboard EP he combines stubby drums and sultry, efficient basslines with richly hued synth work. Once the cuts get going, a tapestry of melody reveals itself: gated leads are accompanied by burbling arpeggios, momentous chord progressions and bright pads that crawl in and out. The patches often incline to the bright and dreamy but are deployed with restraint; in the same vein, concealed and aloof vocal samples get sprinkled in. These techniques - staples for the artist - add an inscrutable quality to his work's mood. It is dance music that feels direct on the surface yet hides more ambiguous emotions underneath. Being a DJ was Latini's first approach to the electronic genres, and it arguably still is his main inspiration - it even occurs he writes tracks with a specific venue in mind. Since starting over a decade ago, and having meanwhile swapped the local Italian stages for the international ones, he has amassed a ton of analogue gear to help him do so. On this occasion, he plugged in his Roland D-50, Moog Sub 37 and microKorg XL, among other favorites, to take on progressive, trance and tech house. "Motherboard", "High Voltage", "It Comes In The Morning", and "Dual Effect" make for a diverse selection but have indeed the same objective: the club floor.
The Blue Soul is Juergen Vonbank's second solo album after "Trial & Eros" from 2018. It deals with the relationship to the color blue, the conventional and individual-personal associations with it, as well as the diffuse feeling that this color is able to convey. Digital and analog experiments in electronics, club music and dream pop.
Blazej Malinowski joins forces with Neel, Claudio PRC, Milena Glowacka and Svreca for a collaborative EP via his own Inner Tension imprint this May.Over the past decade, Poland-born now Berlin-based producer, DJ Blazej Malinowski has been deliver his twist on Techno via imprint such as Semantica, Kvalia, TGP, 012 and of course his own Inner Tension label where he returns here with a new collaborative EP. The idea behind the record was to merge Blazej with artists he has close connections to and create music that would capture the moment in time at which it was made, based on pure emotion and without limitation. The resultant 'Are We All Alone or Just Overwhelmed?' EP is testament to Blazej's inherent connection to Techno.Up first on the package is 'Time Is Relative', a collaboration with Italian DJ, producer and engineer Neel which meanders through an amalgamation of intricately intertwined synth leads, robust percussion, and a grinding low- end drive. 'Riddle' with Claudio PRC follows and wanders into deeper territories via ethereal, billowing textures, metallic chimes and resonant synth flutters floating atop a circling bass groove and crisp drums.On the flip-side Milena Glowacka joins Blazej for 'Equal', a subtly unfurling composition laid out across seven minutes with bubbling tones, dynamic percussive elements and a pulsating low-end. 'Coincidence', composed with Svreca then rounds out the release, a murky journey through haunting atmospherics, bumpy off-kilter drums, and eerie percussive fills.
"Stroom pull out two fathomless Acid Trance burners from '93/'95.Artwork by Lucien"
Inner Lakes debut’ on Art Of Dark with his 2 0 2 3 EP, the 18th release on the AOD series. A deep, dark & gritty 3 tracker that has been gathering amazing support from top DJ’s within the industry.