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Allan M
Self Confidence (Incl. 2Vilas & Malin Genie Remixes)

Self Confidence (Incl. 2Vilas & Malin Genie Remixes)
Self Confidence (Incl. 2Vilas & Malin Genie Remixes)Self Confidence (Incl. 2Vilas & Malin Genie Remixes)


Allan M




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Dec 21, 2022

Born & raised in New York City by Ukrainian parents, Allan began his journey as a disc jockey around a decade ago.

Born & raised in New York City by Ukrainian parents, Allan began his journey as a disc jockey around a decade ago. By his early 20s, Allan had paved his way as an established artist and has had several opportunities to play in some of NYC's most iconic venues such as Pacha NYC, Cielo New York, Output Club, Good Room, & many more. In 2022, Allan launched his vinyl-only imprint, Borowax New York.

"I want to create an imprint that pays homage to the city I hold near & dear to my heart. To represent this cultural melting pot proudly through my influences & inspirations."

This debut 4 track EP features two originals from Allan showcasing a mixture of techno & house with deep, dubby & swingin' dance elements.

Available in 3 months

Dec 21, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Self Confidence (Original Mix)


Self Confidence (2Vilas Remix)


Soho Step (Original Mix)


Soho Step (Malin Genie Remix)

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