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G.E.O Corp
Labrynna / Holodrum

Labrynna / Holodrum
Labrynna / HolodrumLabrynna / Holodrum




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 30, 2022

G.E.O Corp !

Man.... this record.... Man do I rate this record.... Its like you wake up after a night out at Paloma yeah.... And your memory is a bit foggy.... But you know you've danced the night away.... Like proper groovin.... And the lads might have seen, might have danced with you.... But that's not important... The important part was the energy.... The beautiful, beautiful energy.... You roll over.... You check your phone.... No notifications, no worries.. You walk downstairs and your mate Éanna is cooking up some bacon.... Upon further inspection he is making eggs too.... "Oi boyo spare a strip of bacon?"..... Éanna doesn't mind.... You've just scored yourself some bacon..... Great start to the day... You glance outside.... The sun is shining... Your little neighbour Johno is kicking a ball about..... Pure bliss.... This record is pure bliss.

Available in 3 months

Nov 30, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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