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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 30, 2022

The fifth release of the CiM re-issues is his debut EP for the deFocus-label dating back from 2000. With 'Service Pack' Simon Walley subtly moved away from the dancefloor, creating a pack full with ear tickling and mind twisting electronica. Pure bliss. Now re-mastered and re-cut on Delsin Records.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Relaxing At Home



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You might think you know the West Coast house sound but are you familiar with Eric Spire and his Silver Pearl label? He's a rather overlooked but influential figure from Los Angeles who dropped some seriously sick records back in the late 90s. They brought a hardness and psychedelic edge to house music that eventually paved the way of the sort of industrial tech that was championed by the likes of Craig Richards with his Tyrant nights and project alongside Lee Burridge. Now Sushitech label head Yossi Amoya has dug into it to put together a series of 12"s that best showcase this special era.
Manchester-based producer Pach, who you may remember from his much loved 'Pull Up & Dance' anthem on Darius Syrossian's popular Moxy Muzik label last year, produces a generously proportioned four track EP for the Aesthetic stable. Take note of the title, as it dictates the contents, with the A-side's two tracks, the title track and '21 Bump Street', proving to be the definite uppers, both adding a delirious feel of disco euphoria to a sturdy tech-house framework. The flip side features the slightly darker and more mysterious cuts 'Sticky Fingers' and closer 'Six N Switch', the latter featuring the sound of some rather decadent X-rated activities in full swing. Nice work if you can get it.
Another quality gem on after 6 am in the rebound. A6a11 - Redeye - Resort Annexia from 1995 comes re-mastered in April.
Introducing "Cybernetics" - The second EP by Philip Biedermann on his own label "The Machine Dream". This release features four meticulously crafted tracks that embrace the dancefloor experience.The EP kicks off with the title track, "Cybernetics," a mesmerizing fusion of a captivating 303 bassline and evocative machine-like sounds.
"Neural Sequence" starts as a techno-infused piece and seamlessly evolves into a melodic wonderland, leaving dancers in awe.
"Digital Emotions" offers a fast-paced and trippy sonic journey, with a groovy yet gnarly bassline and joyful sequences jumping throughout the track.Closing the EP is "Subsonic Sequences," a genre-bending Breaks track with a melodic touch, perfect for both the late-dancefloor and home listening.A big shout-out goes to Lucas Hunter ( for delivering this top-notch vinyl cover.
As the siren’s song echoes out of systems worldwide, perhaps we are (re)turning to the liquid age of dance; with natural ephemera such as moss, sentiments for ecology such as swamps, and mercurial aspects of water all absorbing the aesthetic forefront. A return to nature, a deep dive under the lily pads. Here Marijn with her debut EP guides our plunge, a trip previously taken via her podcasts on Kulture Lab, where you can also find her previously released music.Whispers from the ethereal plane drift around the headspace, a rumble in the distance of sound traversing the water, voices to guide and to keep you from floating too far from the line. Audio hallucinations are aplenty when submerged, a serenity of space, yet distant growls assure that peace is not always 2 be found. The melancholia within the daydream, the pang of loss caught in reflections, internal and from the water, with the lily pads floating above as a guiding entity, an anchor, something to hold. Under the lily pads we rumble.On the flip everyone’s fav casual breaks n rave hooligan Luca Lozano asks the recurring thought within dance music, a question we quest, yet rarely want the answer. Abstraction via squeaks and tweaks, you better bop your bleepin’ head to this 1.‘Leave A Message’ leaves the tranquil waters disturbed and rippling to the outer edges, providing jumps for the lily pads to ride on the incoming tide, with the ebb and flow making way for a storm surge. Aka big beats are the best, a notion the directly honest final track ‘Made (Drums)’ follows, bringing a twisted jack attack logic to a deranged assembly of samples, a manic orchestra of tumbling drums who have conspired to freak out, albeit with cute bubbles underneath to revel in the allure of sonic mania.