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Mystic Bill
Obzession EP

Obzession EP




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Oct 10, 2022



Wax Your Cracks presents its first release featuring the legendary Mystic Bill.

Wax Your Cracks presents its first release featuring the legendary Mystic Bill who transcends genres blending a mix of Italo disco, house, techno and acid into two mind-bending tracks that are as up-lifting as psychedelic. Limited to 400 copies. Vinyl only.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Obzession Blue Mix


Obzession Black Mix

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It’s an excursion into the past for Curated By Time, as the Spanish imprint travels back to the millennium on Kage’s A Future Remembered. Five vintage cuts that embody the sound of an era long gone, but never forgotten.We’re blessed with a trance-leaning musical number on Nightvision, with softened kicks and enchanting vocals marrying up in beautiful harmony. Semaphore then takes us into a weightier realm, as thick percussion moves beneath shimmering synths throughout.
Ultra rare techno trance from the UK’s Alan Hill. Elliptical Headz was a once off project that flawlessly blends lush synthesis with tasteful exotic sampling and robust drum programming.Originally released on Junkanoo Recordings in 1993, all tracks have been faithfully remastered for modern use and licensed in collaboration with the artists family.
Expanding on the blueprint of previous releases, Trieste-born, London-based producer Sohrab is the Kalahari clan’s latest inductee. OYSTER43 is a distillation of the Italian producer’s stylistic scope in its purest form; impeccably crafted dance music with a healthy dose of prog.Running deep with this one. Smartly refined constructions primed for meditative club use, the first four tracks are rendered in pristine detail. From the widescreen and tunnelling to straight-up utopian, there’s a life-affirming vitality like only the most quintessential '90s prog-house can achieve.The record begins to veer into realms of dilated abstraction on the second plate. Where ‘Fleeting Thoughts’ unfurls like a slice of hi-tech IDM undergoing an ayahuasca ceremony, ‘Sunseeker’ and ‘Deconstruct’ keep the ritual going at a lysergic, slo-mo chug. ‘Crystal Clear’, on the other hand, evokes the ‘70s with a bucolic, avant-garde synth lullaby.
Launching in early 2023, Santo Tomas is the first label from Berlin-based artist Revivis. The English producer kicks off his new imprint with an innovative four tracker - “Trip To Luzon.” Showcasing a deep yet progressive sound and shift in direction musically, tying together the artist’s wide influences and showcasing them in his club room dynamic sound. Revivis chose the Santo Tomas name as an homage to his Filipino roots, acknowledging his history and bringing it into his most personal project yet. The artist’s trademark energy can be found in the tracks, but he explores new territory in terms of mood and the atmospheres he presents within the release. Sleeve photography by Stephanie Elizabeth Third.
The bermuda triangle of Berlin; a meeting of medicinal minds for the inaugural splitstep. Byron Yeates, Roza Terenzi & D, Tiffany come Tag-teaming and steaming with licks of flirty tech, hard house, pumping prog and sleek, freaky techno bouncing off the walls. A true melting pot of deeply burrowed memories of dance, the trio collaborate in various ways to propel a new age wave of dance music; a delicious mix of rough, tough and playfully feminine which embodies Step Ball Chain.Cheers queers!Gushing all over the A Side with a funk force of tech house, Roza Terenzi sticks her heels in and locks down The GrooveTM like no other, reduced tempo for the calm before the storm. Warming up the original just in time for the Byron Yeates remix; providing a stripped back, sped up, jacking rendition of Gush served hot and heavy. Bouncing into the B side, Byron causes the heat to rise to the top, Cauldron of Chaos simmering and ready to blow, use with caution. Rounding out this seriously hot record is Roza & D. Tiff with a tech leaning team up, Prude Pride hitting all the right spots for a manifested meltdown.4 Club certified hitz, guaranteed to make you sweat. Don’t you dare sleep!
Following on from previous releases on Left, Right & Centre, Pressure Dome and Control Freak, Pluralist joins the Le Chatroom family with his ‘Console’ EP. The three original tracks have been floating around for the last few years, already featuring in many radio mixes and DJ sets and we are delighted to be finally releasing them on a 12” backed with a heavy remix by Djoser (3024). Will Bowen’s productions are instantly recognisable, his expertly crafted club workouts have already led to regular support from Ben UFO, Re:ni, Ploy and landed him a monthly residency on Rinse France. Drawing from his drumming background, Will’s tracks are intricate and detailed with each element carefully placed and layered for maximum impact. With sometimes 6 or 7 percussive patterns superimposed he still manages to maintain a solid groove where other producers can struggle.His ‘Console’ EP is some of his finest work, striking the perfect balance between utilitarian drum tracks designed for the club and actual songs with catchy vocal and tuned percussion melodies.