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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 23, 2022

“Stair-X” is the first solo 12" EP from Berlin up-and-comer “Jotel California.”

“Stair-X” is the first solo 12" EP from Berlin up-and-comer “Jotel California.” Fusing classic breaks, watery textures and electro tropes in an exciting blend, this none/such release represents a compelling and unique concoction, resulting in a forward-thinking exploration of Electro’s timeless sounds. Three solo tracks, utilizing both machines and voice, are paired and rounded-off with an ethereal, club-ready stomper from Seattle-to-Berlin producer JCow, suggesting that “Stair-X” is a must have for veterans and beginners alike.

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Owl Hood


If These Faces Could Stop Melting


If These Faces Could Stop Melting (JCow Remix)

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Up next on Space Dust is Miles, exploring 4 variations on an other-worldly electro vibe with his 'Peeking Through Clouds' EP. The landslide-worthy bassline of 'Hole in the System' kicks off proceedings, with sharp claps and sizzling rides occupying the space left behind, while squelching stepper 'Light Years Away' presents itself as another wieldy dancefloor weapon on a US-garage tip.On the flip, bass continues as the dish of the day through 'In Transmission', as moody synth work rides a subdued breakbeat. 'Peeking Through Clouds' boxes off the EP in an ethereal fashion... but this shimmering closer remains a floor-focussed weapon.
In 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, Gene On Earth created his production masterclass “Nuggets: The Blueprint”. This is the fifth release of a collection of works submitted by students shortly after finishing the course. The class of 2022 overcame expectations and birthed a digital compilation and 5 vinyl releases to come out during 2023. Nug-Net will continue to be a home for music written by course students. To take the course, visit
For the first release out on Entered Records it's EYA boss and London tastemaker, Jos, stepping up with four cuts of moody spirited machine sounds.Entered, a label set up with the intention to create connection between the U.K, European and Naarm (Melbourne) scenes through music offerings. First up, the EP is full of spiraling emotive melodies and throbbing bass. This includes the introspective title track ‘Absence Of Thought’ with a refreshingly modern breakbeat rethink from Naarm based artist Dashiell alongside it. Moving onto the B side you have rumbling 909 toms with dramatic swells of synth tension. Coiled energy in the restless amorphous zone, combining progressive elements of techno, electro, acid and everything in between. The EP closes fusing sci-fi melancholic synths, forward moving beats and a bass-line designed to ignite the dancefloor. Heads-down, locked in music full of precision and class. A perfect alignment of analog sounds channelled from two sides of the globe. Out in July on Entered Records.
Expansion is the 7th EP on Belgium based Nightflight Records. On several levels it is a deft alignment of the label’s emotional techno aesthetic with Mihail Petrovski’s ability to deliver exquisitely poised music that drives deep into the mind and soul. The EP is a fine addition to his discography presented by the likes of Ferox, Common Dreams, Verdant Recordings & Distant Worlds over the last half decade. Petrovski possesses an incredible appreciation of the history of deep techno and evidently distils that into his own craft, whilst adeptly melding a sound that is undoubtably his own. This 4 tracker, all original compositions, manifests an uncluttered platform to fully appreciate those talents. Elegantly programmed percussion is balanced with sumptuous basslines and pads but leave wide open spaces for heart warming melodies on each of these tracks. Tsuris is arguably the most urgent on the record with a warm pressing kick. Omec switches around a superb elastic bassline. Dream Thief brings the tempo down but its innocent celestial melodies linger in the mind. Closing out with Circadian Rhythms, its broken percussion becomes the focus with a sophisticated nod to the finest of mid 90’s UK deep techno.
The first release of "CIRCULO CERRADO" comes from one of label owners Aniano, from Canary Islands. He offers us a solid work of 4 tracks that navigates between house and UK tech with a touch of sophistication from the sounds of one of his influential producers Morgan Geist. A mixture of ranges and textures, with added mystery and dark passages characterizes these productions from young artist Aniano.
The long-awaited debut LP from Romanian duo Khidja is finally coming via Malka Tuti Records.
The album ‘Transmission’ will be divided into two separate releases - Part 1 & Part 2. 
Part 1, presented here, will be released on June 16th, while Part 2 will be released in the 2nd half of September 2023. 

The album, which contains 10 new tracks from the duo (5 on each part) was written and produced by Khidja over the last several years.
It was mastered by Enrico Mercaldi and distributed world wide by One Eye Witness, with a fresh fresh artwork by Angus Plunkett & Morey Talmor @ &talmor

Part 1 consisted of 5 gems showcasing the diversity in the Romanian duo’s production - from shuffle to slow-mow, through chugging disco-not-disco to 4th world and beyond.