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Jay Tripwire
From The Vaults

From The Vaults




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 15, 2022

FR015 by Jay Tripwire, 12" Hand stamped, tracks from the vaults. Includes an unreleased mix of 'I wont Stop' by Sounds of the suburbs.

FR015 by Jay Tripwire, 12" Hand stamped, tracks from the vaults. Includes an unreleased mix of 'I wont Stop' by Sounds of the suburbs.

Special collectors insert inside >l

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Mary Wanna



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Berlin label's third release "Overground" is Rickie's first solo EP.'The Infinite Way' tells the artist's point of view through four etheral tracks, moving from deep dark sounds to hope-giving atmospheres.
Deep, rolling sound system steppers made to rattle your chest plate.
Waters of Western Bulgarian Lethe have abruptly flown underground. Into a cave filled with ancient wall paintings of surrounding lavender fields, already showing traces of early technologies and industrialization. The path leads out of Lukovit, heading south, way south and even further west. The multi-faceted crew responsible for Prarhamansah 2x12'' returns to Brutaż with more material, this time hitting a more opaque, dissonant note. Perfect for long nights propelled by coffee and darkness and dreams of artificial smalltown landscapes. Recorded in between 1999 and 2007A1 courtesy of Vasil Raykov & Atanas Georgiev, A2 is by Deyan Dimitrov. with B1, B2 written and produced by Hristo NikolovMastered and cut by Tim Xavier at Manmade MasteringArtwork by Jagna DembińskaDesign by Aleksandra Grünholz (Studio Chaotyczne)
The transcendental ambiance of the Kāthā cassette continues its amphibian metamorphosis. Adapting to its new terrestrial reality.Cerebral elements spread through the spine of Kusuma’s double offering towards Nic Ford’s ‘Cyberd’ layering percussive realms with a delicate balance of obscurity and enlightenment. Bolstering into the raw energy of a scared rainforest at dawn.On the flip side, Konduku stays fearless on Khun Fluff’s ‘Daw’ with his signature style of ominous drum patterns, fluttering low-ends. Goosebump-inducing textures across the grid - keeping the feline’s voice and meditative presence reverberating throughout. Cosmic veteran, Higher Intelligence Agency, transforms Temple Rat’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” through his trademark synthetic modulations into a spellbinding B2 dream.
Manchester-based producer Pach, who you may remember from his much loved 'Pull Up & Dance' anthem on Darius Syrossian's popular Moxy Muzik label last year, produces a generously proportioned four track EP for the Aesthetic stable. Take note of the title, as it dictates the contents, with the A-side's two tracks, the title track and '21 Bump Street', proving to be the definite uppers, both adding a delirious feel of disco euphoria to a sturdy tech-house framework. The flip side features the slightly darker and more mysterious cuts 'Sticky Fingers' and closer 'Six N Switch', the latter featuring the sound of some rather decadent X-rated activities in full swing. Nice work if you can get it.