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Baby Blue
End Of Sleep

End Of Sleep


Baby Blue




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 15, 2022



Constructed in the initial chaos of the pandemic, Baby Blue’s dystopian debut LP “End Of Sleep” finds solace in the unearthly home of Planet Euphorique. 7 offerings from the Canadian artiste dive deep into a heightened reflective state; an amalgamation of memories stitched together via looped dissonance and destruction. A contrast of lightness and dark constantly working against each other and at times in harmony; a familiar connection that can be found in complex electronic music and mental states alike. Strap in and be guided through a wormhole of cyber analog journeys, thematic explorations and catastrophic calls to celestial beings.

Ethereal echoes of LSG break in the opening of the record, fleeting cries nodding to ancestry; yet A Rainy Trip To Netherworld Sequence embraces the storm. Knee jerk kick distortions disrupt the angelic hypnosis; reality rolling through the clouds. The sequential energy continues through A2 and A3, driving and rolling viciously with heavy contorted noise infiltrating the low end whilst flickers of melodious song sail unbothered, thriving amongst the destruction. The Spring Is Coming feels like a seasonal change, a melting and defrosting; thawed harmony shining through; textural and flowing with movement, a perfect bridge.
An arguably more delicate chaos emerges on the B side, elongated pads stream endlessly whilst drums cultivate and expand into sudden frisson. Fragile voices begin to gate and sweep in Equal Parts Damaged, lingering and ringing through ear drums whilst glued in rhythmic unison to induce a state of floating, a game of elevated push and pull. Syncopated howls of distortion leads the closing track, Violet summarizing the brilliantly confronting conversations pulsating through the record.

PE016 urges you to join the otherworldly personal journey and sufferings of Baby Blue, a moment to connect with her meditative dreams and struggles; sonic synergy expanding to anyone with the invitation to surrender.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Rainy Trip To Netherworld Sequence


My Way




The Spring Is Coming


Plastic Glass Wall


Equal Parts Damaged



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