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Synapse EP

Synapse EP
Synapse EPSynapse EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

May 25, 2022

Dark of Groove

Dark of Groove

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Night Before



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Andy Rantzen 'Return to the Source' provides an insight into the mysterious mind behind the man who has shone light on the Australian electronic music scene since the early 90s. Seven deep percussive heavy electronic funk jams, brimming with the beauty of hardware imperfections and pleasant surprises; making ideal tools for the daring dj looking to lead ears to a dimension where machines do the talking. Made between '97 and '20.
All Killer no Filler Vol. 1 is the first release of the Köln based label Mephis. On this first delivery we are handed a 4 piece compilation from young uruguayan producers, all with their particular sort of spiciness and playful mischief. Alfalfa’s Vectorial Dings opens the EP with rusty acidic tones, eerie pads, warped drum samples and an overall restlessness that creeps through your spine inviting you into the dancefloor. Techno met Acid, flirted with Breaks and slapped Electro’s butt. An acidic variety of spiciness. Techno Trax follows, where diCarlo manages to create a playful atmosphere, with creative ever changing drum patterns, filter sweeping goodness, arpeggiated synth lines and deep hypnotic vocal samples. A sexy kind of spiciness. Elias Sternin’s track is a real banger, taking allthe classic ingredients for a steaming hot dancefloor stew. A cup of techno, a teaspoon of trance reminiscence, a pinch of progressive condiment, all served on a bed of arpeggiated goodness and rolling bass. A familiar yet refreshing take on spicy sauce. Closing the EP comes Lo-Lo with Brittany Stryker. Cold cutting synths, saturated and juicy bass, chonky percussions and a restraint propper of a spice connoisseur. Every element compliments the other, creating an odylic and tightly packed electro gem. A spicy; gazpacho looking, cold and sharp soup.
Libertine 19 features the first album from Roman master Gianluca Bertasi AKA Teslasonic, a journey of 10 stunning tracks from pure electro to Italo infused techno and space disco…limited copies!
Following several reported sightings, a time travelling biplane from Galaxia has arrived on planet earth. The pilot on board was transporting a USB stick containing cryptic code from an artist by the name “Bladymore Galaxy”.Having received the data in Italy, Free Voyage owner SMS(IT) got straight to work decoding the data. Inside he found a selection of timeless melodic music, with clear influence taken from travels to the past and future.Now converted to vinyl format, the music is ready for release on Earth.
Timeless 90's Ambient masterpieces from legendary UK artist Solar Quest.
Morphid and x(eptional signed to Lucid Recordings in quick succession back in the day, their complementary styles helping to establish the label as a purveyor of pioneering and divergent quality techno sounds. They often worked in the studio together, and now they’re gleefully doing it all over again with this perfectly pitched platter of originals and remixes from the two duos.x(eptional’s epic breakbeat techno sound always went down a storm at the original Lucid events – live and on disc – and second-hand prices prove their Lucid releases have lost none of their dancefloor appeal.Morphid’s sparse, offbeat sound was always different, otherworldly. Delightfully strange while always warm and witty – and a little bit spooky!Side 1 presents two classic originals, one by each duo: x(eptional’s a-whole-night-in-one track classic Dark Waves, a ten-minute-plus banger of epic proportions and soaring highs, followed by Morphid’s ethereal Gezouten Dessert, with its pared down bare breaks and brooding tones.Side 2 sees x(eptional and Morphid switching roles to present radical and thrilling reworkings of each other’s tracks. Morphid strip down x(eptional’s Dark Waves into a cut-up of eerie, angular funk rhythms, voices and sounds, while x(eptional extract the beats from Morphid’s Gezouten Dessert and transpose it into a whirlwind of jazz-tinged breakbeat techno that gets a grip from the get-go and just won’t let go.

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