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1x Vinyl 12"



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Apr 20, 2022

Lowless Opens 2022 with a newcomer on the label, the French producer Sindh.

Lowless Opens 2022 with a newcomer on the label, the French producer Sindh.

The first track “Baltal” introduce the EP with a dark and subtle atmosphere mixed with field recordings.

Then come “Koyul” and “Miari” more dance oriented tracks characterized by organic and sophisticated rythms mixing modular percussions with bongo drums.

The last track “Lingshed” guide you through more psychedelic landscapes and broken slow-motion beats.

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Suzi is excited to announce its first EP “Too” from NYC based artist Downstairs J who recently released his debut record on Incienso. Downstairs J has a unique way of using detailed minimalistic sounds that feel organic and sharp at the same time. His trademark “friendly chilled-out vibe” can be found in the opening and closing tracks of the record; “Soothsayer”’s slight digital-romance vibe gently starts the record ; “Mana4000” and “Orion” tracks reveal a newer straight forward club side of the producer; the A2 track is a tasty tech-house groover with an incredible amount of sharp bleepy details and B1 “Orion” is a playful crossover between house tech and trance elements. While “Symbiosis” ends the record with a warm and constantly growing flame that feels like an everlasting floating momentum. An overall unique, intimate and adventurous record that rounds up perfectly the very first EP of the label.The visual artwork has been designed by Klara Troost.Written and produced by Josh AbramoviciMastering by Marco from Analog CutArtwork and Design by Klara TroostDistributed by One Eye Witness
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