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Alfred Czital
Reality Check

Reality Check
Reality CheckReality Check




2x Vinyl 12" Orange Marbled



Release date

Feb 23, 2022

Alfred Czital on Harmony Rec.!

Alfred Czital on Harmony Rec.!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Reality Check (Intro)




Window Seat


Hermannstrasse 176






Time Stretch



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The Athenian Aggelos Baltas is known to the world by many names. Fantastikoi Hxoi, Faint Object, Kitephonics or most famously Anatolian Weapons. Be it with his EPs on Lurid Music, an album on New York's groundbreaking label Beats in Space or with several tracks and remixes for DJ soFa, Lena Willikens and others: Anatolian Weapons orders many fields. Now he reaps what he has sown on his »Mantili« EP for Kame House Records. Here different strains from Kraut over Trance to traditional music are successfully being crossed and his delicate songwriting and relaxed composition come to fruition.Based on a traditional Greek song the title track »Mantili« evokes the power of the handkerchief and its symbolism, reminiscent of farewell scenarios, of mourning, of Othello and strawberries; but also of tears of joy and comfort. Elegant sampling and crafty loops merge with tribalistic drum settings, vocal speckles and shimmering sound design.It is a truth often forgotten that the surface of the moon is more explored than the depths of the oceans. »To The Stars« builds an interstellar submarine and takes us on a great voyage of discovery seemingly inspired by Jules Vernes and HG Wells. Mild »extraterrestrial« flora and the tremendous achievements of humankind. Carefully crafted Electronic Listening Music (ELM), which will also lead to psychedelic self-dissolution on – mind you: inhabitable – dance floors.Lastly, »Let’s Talk« is an almost nine minute journey into the human psyche. Balanced downbeat, elegant and fluid, but also trip-hoppy in the best sense of the word. We encounter worries, confront them and come out stronger. Our consciousness seems expanded. Perfect for the living room couch, for retreats and a suitable soundtrack for nightly walks.
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