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Session Two

Session Two




9128-2 9128-2


1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Dec 1, 2021



The very first live stream on broadcast from the studio of Rafael Anton Irisarri, as he and Thomas Meluch (Benoît Pioulard) pieced together a completely live improvisation, christening the newly created 9128 airwaves and setting the bar for many more live takeovers.

With one album between them as Gailes, and profound work individually (also together as Orcas), Rafael and Thomas are masters of the ambient craft, combining intricate field recordings, guitar, pedals, vocals and heady reverb across a 40-minute non-stop immersive listen, split into two 20-minute sides for the inaugural 9128 vinyl release.

The 9128 label aims to document significant live performances by artists that previously performed on the platform. With recordings initially created for a singular collective listening moment, and often as part of a festival or takeover weekend, label recordings will re-present this music for further listening across various formats that best suit each release.

Gailes - Session Two, will be available as a digital download and 12”, printed in a reverse-board die-cut sleeve, black vinyl.

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