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Huerco S.






2x Vinyl 12" Album

Release date

Mar 2, 2022

The first Huerco S. album in 6 years, Plonk’s world does not wholly resemble anything Brian Leeds has made under any alias.

The first Huerco S. album in 6 years, Plonk’s world does not wholly resemble anything Brian Leeds has made under any alias. His sound palette has broadened to absorb and refine trap’s un-smeared geometrics and drill’s taught rhythms amongst the gaseous bodies and soul-piercing ambience that has garnered such acclaim; Where those previous veins were rooted in the pre-Columbian civilizations of his native Kansas, Plonk reflects the mournful sodium glow of cities at night, street corners that light up with painful moments of clarity you wish would disappear.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Plonk I


Plonk II


Plonk III


Plonk IV


Plonk V


Plonk VI


Plonk VII


Plonk VIII


Plonk IX


Plonk X

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This album was compiled in 2020 during dark, dystopian times. As we searched for answers inside ourselves, Dan Piu's artificial mind bubble manifested into a thick mass of confusion.Today in humanity's journey, a science fiction foresight has become reality. The dawn of this new era has been essential for the frame of mind of this album:"Inside Universe"The record artwork is connected to the C.C.P aka. Childhood, Calm & Punk Project - which presents a fresh multidimensional art project. The artwork shows a unique collaboration between comic abstractionists Russel Maurice (Uk/Japan) & Kenichiro Mizuno ((Japan). The show ”ALTERED STATE” will be held in OIL by 美術手帖, Parco, Tokyo - 12.03.2021 - 28.03.2021. “In this body of works, multiple themes converge into a surreal melting pot of Comic Abstraction: physicality, form and changing-form, science fiction and nature, humans, creatures and insects and all that lies in-between, and … of course an Altered State or two.”
Kaisei’s music is played by many of the scene’s tastemakers so it was about time he got his first EP released. Beyond the Bridge is releasing a 4 tracker of experimental and genre bending sonic bombs as a nod to the free tekno days.
Valencian producer Pepe's love of iridescent melodies, velvety pads and complex rhythms has seen him skilfully combine house, bass music and breakbeat in recent years. His music is globally reaching, having garnered attention from top artists including Ben UFO, Peggy Gou, Shanti Celeste, Moxie, Mount Kimbie and Disclosure. His heartfelt, mercurial and emotive sound is ever present on his new album for Lapsus, which also incorporates a lush sonic forest, resplendent in detail and jam packed with influences. The album 'Reclaim' opens the door to experimentation and sound design, while embracing the braindance and hyperpop sphere with surprising maturity. It is an amalgamation of electronic sounds and pulsating structures in which orchestral sounds, folk music, ambient textures and a strong vocal presence, both synthetic and authentic, sparkle. 'Reclaim' imagines a post-human future, where nature once again reclaims lost ground and is free to flourish and take root around manmade structures. Pepe exhibits his personal reverence for the work of Antonio Cortes Ferrando, the architect behind the Espai Verd building, which broke architectural and urban planning norms by using computation to create structures that promote the organic growth of foliage. It is a building designed for the future, where flora cultivates indefinitely. In Pepe's own words, "At a time when we have witnessed how nature strives to regain ground, once humans are removed from the streets, it is important to start thinking critically about new techniques in the creation of art and design, and imagining a future where posterity is embodied in the rejuvenation of a greener world".
15th release of Pressure Traxx Silver Series.Written & produced by Dan Andrei, Emi & Cap.
Rave connoisseurs Superlux have once more compiled another fantastic genre-melding release, this time calling on the versatile sounds of Laudrup. The London-based Colombian’s eccentric yet dancefloor-orientated sound sees the talented producer land three originals on the sought-after imprint, alongside a hazy remix from label co-founder and regular, N-Gynn. Laudrup’s ‘Siempre EP’ captures the essence of Superlux, as they maintain their stay at the forefront of the underground, always thinking outside of the box.Opening track “Siempre” is a simmering trip, bubbling synths and splurges of acid create a futuristic and mechanical atmosphere, as crisp drum work maneuvers you through the smoke-filled mornings in the club. “Laura Palmer” consists of wonky drum patterns, leaning towards a more mysterious narrative than its predecessor, meticulously arranged from beginning to end, urging your thoughts to wander.On the flip side is “Untitled 03”, leaving everything to the imagination with pensive broken drums playing the driving force in this track, while a warm and sub-heavy bass works its magic deep within the energy of yet another innovative production from the rising producer. Closing the EP is a deep and emotive encounter with N-Gynn's “Double Drop Remix” of “Siempre”. The six-minute trip swallows you up, sweeping you away into its transcending mood, while intricate details cruise around an elasticated body. Classy rave sounds as always from the UK producer.Laudrup is coming into his element in the foreseeable future with this dynamite release. Not one to be missed!
Kineta is out with their final record in their Proto-series, the power duo consisting of our very own Oprofessionell and Ute-affiliate and friend Alpha Tracks. The final record brings high speed euphoria, together with hypnotic, trippy trance cuts and an emotional downtempo track on the b-side.