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Potion Activated

Potion Activated








1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 1, 2021



Potion Activated Maara Isla

Portal to the underworld: five pulsating tracks transport you between heaven and hell, featuring a collaboration with NAP and a remix by D.Tiffany. A Potion Activated.

Give in to the temptation of The Forbidden Plum. Take a bite and let the juice drip. Your journey begins with a hypnotic seduction, stoking the flames of desire as the voice in your head whispers, Want it so badly.

Dark and sexy, the flames get higher. The walls sweat on your descent as you lose control. Flood lights sweep over the crowd of bodies, cutting through smoke. Horns cry out in urgency—Miss Sweetie’s Inferno. Sludge bubbles over into the dungeon, alive and radioactive.

Dungeon Babez are the past and the future speaking with one voice. Moans echo in the grimy humidity, a druggy throb. You catch a glimpse of sky through the static haze and it’s like looking through memory. Something wet glimmers. Catch the droplets, sip sip and float away down the lazy river...

Do U Feel Me? This polyvocal track sounds like how it feels to be on the dance-floor, vibrating in union of body and spirit. Surrender in this dank chamber of voices echoing incantations. When you look into my
eyes, you are looking into your own soul.

D.Tiffany answers Maara and NAP’s call and response with a driving, elemental reply. A lost island reemerges from the depths of the ocean floor, breaking through the water’s surface. A message in a bottle floats over and washes up on shore. You open it and write something back. Ritual dance around a bonfire as the wind howls. Something large and dark passes overhead like a storm cloud. The air is electric.

The sky bursts.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Forbidden Plum


Miss Sweetie’s Inferno


Dungeon Babes


Do U Feel Me? Ft Nap


Do U Feel Me? [D Tiffany Remix]

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