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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 23, 2021

Rezpekt to Cosmic Underground ! Rezpekt to The Fair Sex !

Rezpekt to Cosmic Underground !
Rezpekt to The Fair Sex !

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Cosmic Underground - Save Me


The Fair Sex - Cosmic (Feat. Stidda)


The Fair Sex - Virtual Transpose


Cosmic Underground - House Evolution

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DJ Dex aka Nomadico of Underground Resistance is nearly out of time. So the Replicante is here to get more life... fucker!!! Dame más vida... Qiero más vida!!! There's no time to warm up or over think it... just feel the groove, move and you'll get there. The Off World is here, not in L2 orbit hiding behind the earth. This is the funky dark place that rumbles your dancefloor. His mentor Gaff has something to say about getting more life but he needs to slow down and disappear into the bass. Always on the move, spinning over skyscrapers and rising vertically into the clouds, the Spinner Theme is thumping and sets the mood just right.
Mehdi M brings newfound expression to his debut eclectic album, folding richly harmonic elements into his cryptic palette of electronic sounds. The album is at its core a collection of influences through out the years exploring the artists journey after his international departure from Egypt. His work taps into an expressive dimension most importantly focusing on intimacy and uniqueness.
For this twelfth release, Daydream is very happy to welcome two new talents in the family – Lorik and Rupert Ellis – alongside two historical members – MJOG and Stevn.aint.leavn. Four top producers who deliver a punchy and groovy various filled with micro vibe and dreamy sounds.
“What motivates us as human beings?” Zobol muses. Some might argue that the present day has produced a new culture of inefficiency and burn-out – a world where greedy landlords reign supreme, where broken bureaucracy flourishes and where people have become slaves to the system. But all is not lost. Hope sits on the horizon, and Jon Chmielewski is exploring the possibilities. For the 12th release on Welsh imprint Haŵs, the undeniably genius producer presents an electro EP that seeks to communicate something far bigger than himself.‘Empathy Droid’s Lament’ is a cascading opener, quaking with all of the energy of a determined figure reaching into their reservoir for just one more push. ‘Rogue Landlord’ sits in a twilit world of ghostly melodies and swelling horns that cohabit with a dark restlessness at each other’s presence – but an irony lies in the harmony of the situation.On the B-side, ‘R U OK?’ dilutes rippling synth lines with a bulky bass and inquisitive melodies, purging itself of emotions like a late-night spent soul-searching. For the closing remix, Reptant strips down and warps the original into fresh drum patterns, rupturing the rhythm into a storm of glitches, pops and perfectly sequenced percussion.Zobol and Reptant are clearly on the same mission: to breathe life into the humdrum and start the road to recovery on the dancefloor. ‘Diminishing Returns’ posits an answer to its first question: that innovating with what we have is the way to overcome monotony, as well as reassuring that the collective pulse is still very much warm.
French Electro Caster DynArec, appears almost like a living sequencer, breathing keynotes patterns among forgotten FM modulations. Four tracks for true Electro lovers…
OVNIE returns with its fifth release.A1 - ´Going In Hard´ is a peak time, groggy bomb with bit of something for everyone! The track welcomes a whole host of synth lines and keeps on lifting throughout its 6+ main duration.A2 - Snatch - Josh welcomes a hypnotising bassline for his second track on the EP as he showcases a more dubbed out, simplistic side.B1 - Truth Expression comes with a static but driving bassline throughout the whole song and a lead sound that takes you on a path through different moods and themes. Accompanied with professor like vocals and the occasional old skool rave sounds his rounds up for a high energy track for peaks sets.B2 - Kilobyte Cafe takes a different direction after an intro full of suspense. The bassline makes up the track's main theme and gets complemented by a similar but stripped back sequenced lead sound resulting in a quirky track full of fluffy drums, trance arpeggiators and playful organs.

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