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The Tri-Phase EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Artists: Syzygy Fluid Luke Warmwater Label: Kalahari Oyster Cult Catno: OYSTER29 Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" One Eye Witness

A man of many aliases and jack of as many trades, Dominic Glynn aka Syzygy (together with Justin McKay) aka Zentik aka Fluid aka Mind Control aka Luke Warmwater resurfaces from the sunken slumber of years to re-establish his name as a much unsung artisan and key exponent of the UK electronic scene’s heyday.

Two unreleased tracks and another two enhanced re-edits compose the “Tri-Phase” EP here presented - each cut making for a snapshot of Glynn’s fast evolution as an electronic music producer, a career he was then running in parallel to his day work for the BBC including all-time TV classic series Doctor Who.

Starting with the yet unheard ‘Little Pieces of Love’, Syzygy provides us with a dynamic trancey roller that does the splits between hectic 303-riddled leads, catchy vocal hooks sheer old-school style and generously layered FXs extending the scope to further horizon-clearing soulfulness.

Drawing towards more muscular, club-ready techno linearity, ‘Luminous 4AM’ reveals an explosive combo of driving momentum, melodic richness and high-impact bass engineering, tailored to take the rave to a whole other level of consciousness. No-holds-barred floor weaponry set for tearaway peak-time ops.

Initially released on No Bones in the 90s, the other two cuts ‘And It’s Wonderful’ as Luke Warmwater and ’The Man With Three Heads’ as Fluid boast a distinct style. Whilst the first rushes us headfirst into a bumpy maelstrom of chromed techno fitted with an array of acid-drenched attributes and Chicagoan piano tropes, the latter has us zoning out to a playful reverie of trip-hop-laced, ambientoid jazz-house.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Syzygy - Little Pieces Of Love


Syzygy - Luminous (4 AM Mix)


Luke Warmwater - And It's Wonderful


Fluid - The Man With Three Heads

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