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Shari Vari
Now Remixes

Now Remixes




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Stereo



Release date

May 22, 2020

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Now (Fantastic Twins Remix)


New York City (Benedikt Frey Remix)


Dance Alone (Black Merlin Remix)


Out Of Order (Lucas Croon Dub)

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Objekt #5 is the latest instalment in Objekt's eponymous whitelabel series and his first release since his 2018 album Cocoon Crush. Tackling "the slow banger" with a signature flair, he delivers two of his most raucous club tracks to date.
Hear the sound of my feet - title says it all, but it would be too easy to bring it back to his african roots only. Zulu explores his double identity, both ways, extrovert as well as introspective, and draw a go-between, from club hit Hooligan Break to the feverish eponymous title Hear The Sound Of My feet. Trance synth stabs, sharp percussions as well as ambient (!) reminisce of his DJ record (alongside Bruits de la Passion collective and on Lyl radio) and lead the narrative - back to the roots he wants to introduce you to.Hear The Sound Of My Feet - le programme est clair, mais il serait trop facile de croire qu’il s’agit des origines camerounaises de son producteur seulement. Zulu explore sa double identité ; du hit club Hooligan Break au fervent titre éponyme de l’album, introverti-extraverti, le producteur dessine un trait d’union et propose une musique club empreinte d’ambient, parmi d’autres éléments qui rappellent son palmarès de DJ (au sein du collectif Bruits de la Passion, sur Lyl radio ou NTS). Synthés trance, percussions acérés… Un jeu de piste jusqu’aux racines qu’on veut nous faire écouter.
Quoth is the brainchild of Alex Egan (Utter) and Mike Smaczylo (Half Edge). Singular in focus, this newly minted (sub)label harnesses the pair’s diverse and expansive tastes in weird and hallucinatory sonics, aimed squarely at the dancefloor. We're very proud to present ‘Barney’s Maze’, a four-track EP of twisted techno, drawing influence from IDM, bass, and older strains of textural music.
Unreleased material from 90's mysterious underground legend Acid Pimp! Limited hand stamped copies..
Big Hands marks Blank Mind's twentieth release on ‘A square, a circle’. A product of “the loopy miserable life in the big city which we are forced to live; and the need for metaphysical meaning, deep feelings and the tribalistic aspects of early folk music”.In other words, this EP is a contemporary urban blues that echoes in the austere realism of London. The recursive patterns and melodies haunting the sound groove like a spirit, and twist inside an echo chamber and tape machines. The ‘square’ and ‘circle’ in the title are symbols of simple abstraction that can generate multiple figures in nature and culture, as well as in the gyration of geometric play. As maintained here, his minimal sound palette shapes the elegant freedom of unexpected behaviours of the machinic ensemble. ‘A Square, a circle’ is an invitation to experience the geometrical liberation of sounds.
Hngwy is a Scottish producer known for his unique blend of IDM, jungle and bass music with constant nods to his dub, techno and ambient influences. His music is often characterized by intricate drum patterns, experimental soundscapes and glitchy textures, all of which come together to create an atmosphere that is both frenetic and cerebral.